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Glenda Lewis, Principal – Auckland

Glenda Lewis, Principal – Auckland
Picture of Glenda Lewis, Principal – Auckland

Glenda Lewis, Principal – Auckland

Glenda is a highly qualified Chief Financial Officer with over 10 years specialising in strategy, driving performance and financial management.  She is extremely passionate about helping businesses grow and maximising business value.  In addition to ensuring businesses are set up financially and operationally for growth, Glenda is very experienced in negotiating, closing and integrating acquisitions, preparing companies for sale and undertaking strategic transactions.

Glenda has held senior roles in finance, operations and strategy and thus has an exceptional understanding of general business, relationships and how to drive organisational success. Glenda has a clear fact-based communication style and takes pride in translating complex business and financial information into clear direction.


Glenda is a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant in both New Zealand and Canada, with additional technical training in high performance conversation, business valuation, driving corporate performance, and strategy.  Glenda is also a professional CTI trained executive coach.


Her mission – To transform your business to be exceptional.

Glenda’s key capabilities include:

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Financial management
  • Maximising business value and sale preparation
  • Driving performance
  • Cost reduction and control
  • Leadership development
  • Negotiating, closing and implementing strategic transactions
  • Identifying and implementing continuous improvement
  • Cultural transformation expert
  • Natural ability to build and lead teams
  • Seasoned organisational and change management executive
  • Professional executive coach

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